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About us

Andreas Holubar

Andreas Holubar – a-hoch3.eu

born on 14th of july 1963, trained businessman with decades of experience as wholesale merchant and years of experience with different filtering systems and pond building products.

Thomas Peschen

Thomas Peschen – teichprofi.at

born on 5th of march 1968, trained bricklayer and carpenter, foreman on large scale constructions, buider according to § 99 GewO 1994, restricted to executive tasks, numerous years of experience in pond constructions, renovations and maintenance.

All products of TEICH&CO are available to professionals only.

Because our products are sold to professionals only, the customers are garanteed, that all products are installed as intended. With several trainings for our customers we ensure that everyone keeps up with the latest developments. In 2012 over 200 professionals already benefited of these trainings.

The catchphrase is innovation!

With our RTF and TECO filter system, skimmer flaps and pipe bushings, we have already achieved a very high profile in the pond construction sector. We continually work on innovations and further developments of already existing products in order to keep them always at the latest state of the art. The latest development is our amphibian skimmer. The surface skimmer meets the standards and is unique because the animals that enter the skimmer can easily escape over the bed of gravel.

The company stands for first-class quality and innovation.

High-end materials and professional processing are the most important criteria of a high-quality product. Our products are exclusively produced in Austria and Germany, which means that the products ca be modeled for special needs too.